Mustard Oil Expeller Machine

Mustard oil expeller machine has gained popularity because of their efficiency and convenience in recent years. Oil extraction machine plays an important role in extracting oil from mustard seeds. These offer a cost-effective and efficient method for producing high-quality mustard oil.

A mustard oil expeller machine is a mechanical device used for extracting oil from mustard seeds. This machine extracts oil by pressing the seeds, yielding oil suitable for cooking, skincare, or industrial purposes. The expeller machine ensures efficient oil extraction with minimal wastage, offering a cost-effective solution for oil producers.


The cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries use mustard oil.

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Armind Industries is the manufacturer and supplier of the best quality mustard oil expeller machine. We designed the Sarso oil expeller machine for mustard seeds. This mustard seed oil expeller can crush mustard seeds. Moreover, it can crush a variety of seeds, including groundnuts, linseeds, copra, palm kernels, castor seeds and sunflower seeds. We use superior raw material to fabricate mini mustard oil extraction machine. We offer 4 Bolt, 6 Bolt and 9 Bolt Oil Expeller Machine. Oil filter machine clean and remove impurities and contaminants from oil.

These machines come in various sizes and capacities, suitable for both small and large-scale oil production. The mustard oil pressing machine has served for centuries in both culinary and industrial domains with rich historical significance.

Types of mustard oil expeller machine:

  • (1). Screw press expeller machine: This crushes and extracts oil from mustard seeds using a screw-like mechanism. It makes the procedure smoother.
  • (2). Hydraulic expeller machine: These machines use hydraulic pressure to extract every drop of mustard oil from the seeds.
  • (3). Single press oil expeller machine: This expeller machine crushes the mustard seeds in a single press. It extracts a large quantity of oil in one go. It is suitable for small to medium-sized oil extraction businesses.
  • (4). Double press oil expeller machine: This machine undergoes two pressing processes to extract oil from mustard seeds. It is ideal for extracting a higher yield of oil from the seeds.
  • (5). Automatic mustard oil expeller machine: This automates the oil extraction procedure, ideal for large-scale oil extraction.
  • (6). Mini mustard oil expeller machine: This compact machine is suitable for home use or for small-scale businesses. It is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance, making it a convenient choice for beginners.

Why Start a Mustard Oil Business

Mustard / Sarso oil is staple and favored cooking oil in various Indian culinary dishes. People know it for its unique flavor and have many health benefits. The consistent demand for mustard oil ensures a stable and profitable business. The increasing interest in organic and cold-pressed oil boosts the mustard oil industry.

Oil Extraction Procedure:

As the seeds face the crushing force in the machine, they release their oil. The workers collect and prepare the oil to enhance your culinary creations.

What is the profit potential of a mustard oil business?

High demand for the product makes mustard oil business profitable in the region. By providing premium mustard oil at competitive prices, you can build a loyal customer base and generate much revenue. You can further increase your profitability with mustard oil products, such as infused oils or organic variants. Start your mustard oil production business with 9 bolt mini mustard oil expeller machine.

How to Choose the Right Mustard Oil Expeller Machine

When selecting a mustard oil making machine, consider its capacity to meet your production needs. Decrease operating costs and environmental impact by choosing an energy-efficient model. Opt for a machine that is sturdy and simple to clean and keep.

How Do Mustard Oil Expeller Machines Work?
  • (1). Load the Mustard Seeds: Place the prepared mustard seeds into the hopper of the expeller machine. It carries them to the press chamber.
  • (2). pressing the Seeds: inside press chamber, apply high pressure and friction on the seeds to release their oil. Then, collect the oil in a separate container.
  • (3). separating the Oil: filter the oil through a series to remove any impurities. This procedure makes sure that the final product is pure and contaminant-free.
  • (4). collecting the Oil: Gather the oil in a separate container that is ready for further processing or immediate use. Mustard oil expeller machine extracts a high percentage of oil from the seeds, ensuring cost-effective extraction.
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  • (1). Health Benefits: Mustard oil is rich in monounsaturated fats, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants. It is better for heart health compared to refined oils.
  • (2). Efficiency: These machines extract oil from mustard seeds with minimal wastage, ensuring high efficiency.
  • (3). Cost-Effective: Kachi ghani oil expeller machine is a cost-effective solution for Sarso seed oil extraction. Producing your own oil saves money compared to purchasing it from external sources using mustard oil expeller plant.
  • (4). Superior quality oil: These machines extract high quality and impurities free oil. This makes it ideal for cooking and other applications.
  • (5). Easy to use: These machines are easy to use and need minimal supervision. It is ideal for experienced and novice small-scale producers.

In conclusion, with the growing population, the demand for cooking oil is rising. A mustard oil business is an opportunity for entrepreneurs who are seeking for growth and success. The mustard oil has many health benefits and the scope of the mustard oil business is vast. The oil expeller machine has revolutionized the oil business industry. We offer a reliable and efficient solution for your edible oil extraction machine needs with experienced engineers and technicians. Contact Armind Industries for top-quality oil expeller machine in Bihar, Patna, India for your oil processing plant startup.